donderdag 6 november 2014

The stonecole English of Louis van Gaal

Cabaretier Vincent Bijlo publiceerde recent een schitterend column in het AD over het Engels van Louis van Gaal.

Eerste deel
We publiceren hierna het eerste deel, maar het is de moeite waard om het gehele stuk te lezen. Bijlo publiceert het op zijn facebook.

Dutch football sits in a dip. What say I, in a deep crisis. That comes through Louis van Gaal. He leaded the team with a tight hand to the comfortfinal of the worldchampionship. But after that he packed his suitcases and brushed the record, to go on the work in Manchester.
It's always the same little song: when great leaders light their heels the whole business thunders in each other like a cardshouse, you can thereon wait, and that is what happened.
Under the new coach, Hiddink, we aree no shadow of the team that knocked Spain with 5-1. The dogs like no bread of the prestations of the team, so much is certain. They are clungling all the time like a fourth classer saturdayamateurs.
And Van Gaal does it not much better by his new workgiver, Manchester United. They play like an old newspaper there. I wouldn't be verbased when he gets the bag after the wedstride against Chelsea from this weekend, that wedstride hangs like a sword of Damascus above his head.
Van gaal doesn't get the team on the hall, but in one thing is he brilliant, his english is unafterfollowable. He is famous for his verhaspelings of typical dutch outpressings. They don't snap a wood of him there, they find him a rare snouter. But so what, it's no problem when he is a good coach, but now they think they have bought a cat in the bag.

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